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Zoom's School Education Support Initiative

Remove 40 mins time limit from your free Basic Zoom account | Only for Schools

Why Zoom is doing this?

Zoom has taken this education support initiative for Schools in Covid-19 affected countries.


India is one of the covered countries where schools can apply to remove 40 minute time limit on Zoom Free Basic Plan.

Current validity till 31-Dec-2021

Zoom's official announcement link

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • Recognized schools only

          This offer is not for coaching centers, colleges, NGO or other educational bodies.

  • Should have proper website

          Proper website detailing about school.

  • Official email Ids

          Submit application from official email id and all teachers must official email Ids.

How to Apply for Time Limit Removal?

It is a simple 3 step process.

Step-1: Confirm Eligibility

Visit Zoom official website and check FAQ

Step 2 - Submit Application

Application Link:

Step 3 - Create Teachers IDs

Once the application is approved, create your teachers' account on Zoom and start classes.

How to check if your school is approved

It is a simple 3 step process.


You will get an email from Zoom about your application approval or rejection within 72 hours.


Your Zoom account will show notification that 40 minute limit is removed. (see below)

How we can help?

We are a startup company helping school to run effective Online Classes. We can do this complete application process and setup for your school.

What we do for schools?​

  • Complete the eligibility check before application.

  • Proper application submission for approval.

  • Setup all teachers' official IDs after approval.

Our Expert Team

We have supported 250+ schools to run effective online classes.

Image by Amandeep Nagi
Deepak Sharma
Approval Expert
Image by Amandeep Nagi
Faizal Khan
Onboarding Expert
Happy Woman
Sakshi Jain
Application Expert
I want to take your services

Answers to your
most common questions

  • Why Smart Studies platform is Free for Schools & Eduational Institutions?
    This initiative is part of Brisk Learning's Community Upgrade Program.
  • How long Smart Studies personalized app is Free?
    Forever, Brisk offers customization of app free forever. However annual number of student licenses are limited under free program.
  • How can I customize Smart Studies App with my logo and welcome page?
    During registration process, you can upload your welcome page design and logo. This will appear in your personalize app.
  • Can you help me design my personalize welcome page?
    Yes, we have wide range of welcome page templates available. Click here to access them and update your institute details and logo. Once done, download in PNG format. Welcome page design samples:
  • Can I change my welcome page design and logo later on?
    Yes, you can change welcome page and logo by uploading the new designs in your profile. Click here to access your profile page
  • Next year my student batch will change so how will I manage that?
    Brisk allocats new student licenses every year at the start of academic session. You can assign these new licenses to new batch students.
  • How my students & teachers will access the Smart Studies App?
    You need to give them app license keys to register themselves. Once they register with the license keys provided by you, they will be able to access complete app platform. Click here to access your licenses keys
  • Can I sell Smart Studies Free licenses to my students or outside students?
    No, the free licenses are complementary under this program and cannot be sold for a price.
  • I need more licenses, how can I get them?"
    In case you have utilized all your free licenses, you can contact us for more licenses.
  • There is preloaded content in app, how can I hide it?"
    Yes, you can hide or control the preloaded content on app. Download Smart Studies Teacher's App and login with your admin user id. This will allow you to control all the content modules and content available in app.
  • Can I publish my own videos and educational content on the app?
    Yes, you can control the pre-loaded content on app and publish all types of personal educational content. However, keep the copyright and other legal terms in mind.

In case you need any help reach out to us at +91-7498285310 or

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