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Current Openings

MBA Summer Internship (Remote)

Department: Marketing | Sales | HR | Finance

Work Location: Work From Home / Home Town

Job Type: Internship Basis

Job Description

Brisk is an emerging Education Technology company working with 318,000 students and 200+ schools across India. Our wide range of Edu-tech solutions helping entire education system adding more efficiency and effectiveness while saving a lot time, energy and focus diversions.

We believe in work first approach and welcome people who are ambitious and willing to achieve heights in their career.

Please do not apply if you have any constraints or reservations towards work and hours.

Work Profile


HR Trainees:

  • Screen candidate profiles for various departments

  • Take first round of interviews

  • Manage hiring process

  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of employees

  • Schedule training program

  • Manage employees’ learning process and sessions with leaders

  • Employee records & document management

  • Employee certification and other letters issue

  • Human resource strategy, planning and management

  • Employee relationship management

Marketing Trainees:

  • Making of marketing planning

  • Marketing campaigns performance review

  • Product placement strategy on Online & Offline Channels

  • Customer segment study and product market fit observations

  • Execute Online & Offline campaigns

  • Research on how to achieve low CPC and improve ads impact

  • Low cost lead generation via social media

  • Work on online and channel sales

  • Marketing automation - Drip email & SMS campaign, User Journey planning and implementation

Sales Trainees:

  • Online & Offline sales planning

  • Sales via Leads conversion over call and visit

  • Identification of the right potential customers pool

  • Ground level sales to B2C, B2B2C and B2B channels

  • Channel partner strategy

  • Consumer behaviour study

  • Sales team management

  • Participation in ground level sales strategies

  • Team’s performance management

Selection Criteria:

  • Self Disciplined & Self Motivated

  • Ambitious to Work & Learn

  • Want to learn by Practical Ground Training

  • Open to Accept Challenges

  • Work without constraints and reservations


Key Learnings & Benefits:

  • Internship certificate

  • Stipend (Rs. 5k to 25k Performance based at the end of internship period)

  • Conveyance allowance for ground working

  • Practical learning experience from leaders

  • Opportunity to become team leader - based on performance & skills

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