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Smart Attendance 
for Online & Offline

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Trusted by 300,000+ Students & Schools Across India.

Take One Click Attendance

No more hassle with screenshots and pen-paper attendance.

Mark online absents or presents

One-way attendance saves a lot of time & effort

Complete track of daily attendance

Calendar view for teachers for all their schedules

Ad-hoc Attendance

Take attendance events and extra periods

Step-2 Mark Attendance.png

Absent SMS to Parents

Parents get SMS notification as soon as teacher mark attendance

Complete Dashboard for Management

Real time attendance dashboard

Principal Level Dashboard

See Attendance for All Classes & All Periods 

Principal level report.png

Subject & Period-wise Dashboard

See all student performance in your class

Class level report.png

Student-wise Attendance Report

For Every Subject & Every Period

Student level report.png

Ad-hoc Attendance

Special events or extra classes mark quick attendance on all occasions.

Practice Section - 1.png

Another teacher taking your class - no issues

Ad-hoc subject attendance can be done

Special Events or Extra Classes

Define your event title, complete details, and mark attendance instantly.

Complete report to all stakeholders

Real-time update in the dashboard

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