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Build your career while helping educators!

An opportunity to transform the way education is delivered!


Why Join Brisk Learning?

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Be a part of Ed-Tech Boom!

Ed-Tech is a leading sector globally. This is your opportunity to get along on the ride and grab your share.

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Training AI

Not to mention, what excites our employees are the incentives and bonuses we have to offer for their exceptional performance.

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Insane Growth

At Brisk, we don't see who you are today. We see what you can be tomorrow and focus on providing you the platform for the growth you seek.

Hiring Process

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Step 2
Step 1
Submit Application
Fill in a quick form for us to get to know you better.
Our HR will review your application to check your job fitness.
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Step 4
Step 3
First Round
Final Round
This is where we get to know you beyond your resume and your expectations! 
In this round of Interview, you showcase your skills and competency related to the position. The Grand Finale!
All ready to start your application?

What we’re Looking For

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Exceptional Communication Skills

And it's not about the language for us. 
One should be able to understand and express the idea to clients and teammates.

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A Keen Learner

Does the thought of learning a new skill excite you? If it does, you are heading in the right direction.

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Self- Confidence

Are you confident about your skills and abilities? And you don't need to be pushed always? Then, Yes! It's you.

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