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Key Features

Create Exam Paper & Worksheet

Easy Drag & Drop technique

In Compliance with Board Syllabus & Exam Guidelines

300,000+ All Types of Questions

No need of Questions Typing & Proofread

Automatic Layout Adjustment and formatting

Detailed Step by Step Answer Keys

Highly enriched Question Tagging i.e. Difficulty, Nature, Marks etc.

Covers 40+ Subjects incl. Language, Theory, Practical, Maths etc.

From Class 6th to Class 12th (all streams covered)

Questions from Prominent Reference Books (RD Sharma, DK Goel) etc.

Edit the Answers as per your format in Answer Key

Adjust the Screen Spacing of Question Papers and Answer Keys

Complete Tracking of the Reported Content by you

View Question Paper Summary

Additional Features in School Premium Plan

Unlimited Exam Papers, Unlimited Worksheets

Regular update in content as per syllabus change and board pattern change

Regular update in technology & platform

No Additional Hardware / Software required

Dedicated Call Support by our Expert Team

Teachers can add their own questions

Teachers can also modify already available questions in the platform

Access Control Security: Teachers rights management for exam paper security

Create 5 Papers & Worksheets For Free

Get Unlimited Plan For 1 Year in Just Rs. 49,999+ GST/-

Complete School Offer Just Rs. 2,49,999+ GST/-

All Teachers / All Classes / All Subjects

(All Classes + All Subjects + Unlimited Papers & Worksheets )

Answers To Your
Most Common Questions

  • Why Smart Studies platform is Free for Schools & Eduational Institutions?
    This initiative is part of Brisk Learning's Community Upgrade Program.
  • How long Smart Studies personalized app is Free?
    Forever, Brisk offers customization of app free forever. However annual number of student licenses are limited under free program.
  • How can I customize Smart Studies App with my logo and welcome page?
    During registration process, you can upload your welcome page design and logo. This will appear in your personalize app.
  • Can you help me design my personalize welcome page?
    Yes, we have wide range of welcome page templates available. Click here to access them and update your institute details and logo. Once done, download in PNG format. Welcome page design samples:
  • Can I change my welcome page design and logo later on?
    Yes, you can change welcome page and logo by uploading the new designs in your profile. Click here to access your profile page
  • Next year my student batch will change so how will I manage that?
    Brisk allocats new student licenses every year at the start of academic session. You can assign these new licenses to new batch students.
  • How my students & teachers will access the Smart Studies App?
    You need to give them app license keys to register themselves. Once they register with the license keys provided by you, they will be able to access complete app platform. Click here to access your licenses keys
  • Can I sell Smart Studies Free licenses to my students or outside students?
    No, the free licenses are complementary under this program and cannot be sold for a price.
  • I need more licenses, how can I get them?"
    In case you have utilized all your free licenses, you can contact us for more licenses.
  • There is preloaded content in app, how can I hide it?"
    Yes, you can hide or control the preloaded content on app. Download Smart Studies Teacher's App and login with your admin user id. This will allow you to control all the content modules and content available in app.
  • Can I publish my own videos and educational content on the app?
    Yes, you can control the pre-loaded content on app and publish all types of personal educational content. However, keep the copyright and other legal terms in mind.
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