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Brisk Partner Program

Brisk Learning is a Gold Rated & DPIIT recognised company established successfully in the market since 2016 served over 4 lakh users through variety of products. 

Low-Investment Business Opportunity in ED-Tech Industry!

Investment starts from as low as 10,000!

Why Become Our Partner

Earn ₹1 Lakh to 5 lakh every month

Investment starts from as low as 10,000!

Start with your
own brand name

Or use brisklearning's branding

No Big Team or Infrastructure required

We have built that for you, You can start earning today!

Work Part-time or
Full Time

Take it at your own

Proven & Established products

Products that are always on-demand in the market

Training and Support
are on us

Be it your product training or your client's issues

Here's the List of Products You Can Offer

Upto 70%
Revenue Sharing Model

With Same-Day Payout Option

Take home your earnings every day!

It's time to MONETIZE CONNECTIONS you have built lifelong!

Legal Document & Certificates

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”
- Richard Branson
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