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✅ Create Exam Paper & Worksheet

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✅ In Compliance with Board Syllabus & Exam Guidelines

✅ 300,000+ All Types of Questions

✅ No need of Questions Typing & Proofread

✅ Automatic Layout Adjustment and formatting

✅ Detailed Step by Step Answer Keys

✅ Highly enriched Question Tagging i.e. Difficulty, Nature, Marks etc.

✅ Covers 40+ Subjects incl. Language, Theory, Practical, Maths etc.

✅ From Class 6th to Class 12th (all streams covered)

✅ Questions from Prominent Reference Books (RD Sharma, DK Goel, All-in-One etc.)

Additional Features in School Premium Plan

☑️ Unlimited Exam Papers, Unlimited Worksheets

☑️ Regular update in content as per syllabus change and board pattern change

☑️ Regular update in technology & platform

☑️ No Additional Hardware / Software required

☑️ Dedicated Call Support by our Expert Team

☑️ Teachers can add their own questions

☑️ Teachers can also modify already available questions in the platform

☑️ Access Control Security: Teachers rights management for exam paper security

List of Subjects, Books are covered and number of questions

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