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Get Official Email Account For Your School

(Powered by Microsoft Outlook)

Trusted by 1,500+ Schools Across India.
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Key Features

Email hosting on Microsoft platform

Outlook Application - Easy to access and manage your email

Highest Global Security Standard followed by Microsoft

Accessible on all devices, i.e. Mobile App, Desktop or Tablet

Auto sync and work offline as well

Lowest cost per account per year

Dedicated support on call and email

Complete training and setup

Easy addition of new email accounts (within 1 day)

Get Official Email Ids on your Domain

Still Using Generic Email Domain

Online Access To Office 365 Suite

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Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Share Point

Features icons-30.png

Microsoft Teams

Features icons-35.png

Microsoft Sway

Features icons-31.png

Microsoft Excel

Features icons-36.png

Microsoft One Drive

Features icons-32.png

Microsoft Word

Features icons-37.png

Microsoft Forms

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Microsoft Powerpoint

Features icons-38.png

Microsoft OneNote

1 TB OnlineStorage Space with every email account

Answers To Your
Most Common Questions

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